Boost Visual Merchandising with Precise and Robust Male Full Body, Full Dress Form Mannequins, etc.
Presentation plays an important role in getting attention of the potential customers and driving sales. Mannequins are indispensable tools for displaying the latest trends of fashion and revolutionizing the way of visual merchandising.

Aggarwal Dummy House presents a wide range of high-quality and durable Male Full Body Mannequin, Full Dress Form Mannequin, Plastic Half Body Mannequin, Fiber Kids Mannequin, Ladies Plastic Leg Mannequin, etc. In addition to this, we also provide a high-end range of sturdy Wooden Hanging Cloth Hanger, Designer Wooden Hanger, etc. We have been offering high-quality products designed to add life to the garments to enable vendors and retailers to resonate with their target audience. We create eye-catching products in different sizes and dimensions for meeting the needs of the clients with perfection within their budget.

Manufacturing Facility

Creating high-grade mannequins includes a blend of craftsmanship and modern manufacturing methods. We have a high-technology production unit at Delhi, India with advanced machines and tools such as:

  • 3D body scanners are used to take precise measurements and create a detailed 3D digital model.
  • CNC machines to shape the base material and sculpt with precision
  • Mold-making machines to design high-quality molds with detailed features.
  • Fiberglass reinforcement machines to strengthen the mannequin structure.
  • Foam injection machines to inject liquid foam into the mold to shape and structure of the mannequin.
  • Finishing equipment like buffing machines, sanding machines and spray booths for sanding, and refining the surface.
  • Manual tools and equipment for the assembly of different parts, limbs or headpieces.

Our Team

Our exceptional team of professionals works together with clients to deliver exceptional results. We have a group of creative designers that are responsible for making innovative designs of Plastic Half Body Mannequin, Fiber Kids Mannequin, Ladies Plastic Leg Mannequin, Male Full Body Mannequin, Full Dress Form Mannequin, etc. to capture the attention of everyone. They meticulously sculpt and design the mannequin forms as per the latest trends to meet the expectations of our clients. They also ensure smooth and streamlined business operations with extensive industry experience and skills.
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